Terms of representation

 Terms of representation

Behin Psshbord Datar (CDOOR) company has prepared a workbook for cooperation with applicants, in order to support and develop the agents network and better supply of its products.

In this regards, some criteria are prepared to enter the applicants in the lists of agents of CDOOR, and applicants are accepted or rejected based on the score obtained from these indicators.

The considered indicators are evaluated according to below table. It is worth noting that each indicator has different weight and score and the sum of these scores in each part defines the final score and according to the obtained scores, each applicant has three modes: accepted cooperation, conditional cooperation, rejected cooperation.




Acceptance criteria
1 Reputation
2 Available hardware, software and middleware
3 Location, space and location of workplace and store
4 Work experience
5 Appropriate credit and turnover
6 Applicant product portfolio along with company product






  • Reputation: scores in this section are prepared according to the following indicators:







Indicator Indicator
6 Customer orientation 1 Regional Financial and business credit
7 Good name 2 Education
8 Honor 3 Keeping promises
9 Grade &position in trade 4 Age
10 resume 5 Individual prestige




  • Turnover: in this section, the basis of calculation is the ratio of the average monthly turnover of the last 6 months to the monthly target set by the company.
  • Available hardware, software and middleware: the requirements for sales agents are listed below:
Indicators Indicators
3 Have a fax, printer, computer 1 Sales personnel
4 Use of company software 2 storeroom



  • Location, space and the location of workplace and store:

The effective factors in this section are as follow:

Indicators Indicators
1 Ability to install panels 4 Store area
2 Placing store in a specialized market 5 Store ownership or rent continuity
3 Placing store in main street 6 Decoration


دفتر اداری:


ردیف Indicators ردیف Indicators
1 Install CDOOR light box in office 4  Office area
2 Geographical location 5 Store ownership or ongoing rent
3 Internal order 6 Office decoration



  • Work experience: more relevant work experience of applicants according to submitted documents, higher score in this section. Unrelated work history is not included in this section.
  • Product portfolio of applicants: the score of this section is related to the exclusivity of products of applicants in the use and sale of CDOOR products. If the applicants have another product in their portfolio than CDOOR products, they will gain less scores in this section.
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