Modern frame 240 mm

Modern frame 240 mm

Product introduction

Modern frames have two type of jamb profile and one type of cover. The main profile of frame that covers wall thickness is called jamb.

The width size of modern jambs is 120 and 240 mm. schematically, the frame profile is U-shaped and embraces the wall thickness, i.e. snaps the wall thickness. That part of wall that is hidden under the cover is called jamb. For example, in middle of corridor, we need jamb in right, left and top sides.

In modern frames, the foam gap in three sides (right, left, top) is 13 mm. the sealing rubber is similar classic ones, a little big. (all descriptions and the covers of walls with different thickness are shown in the maps of two types of modern frame).


Technical plans of modern frame

Untitled design (21)
Untitled design (22)
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