C – frame 87 mm

C – frame 87 mm

product Introduction

this frame is designed based on a minimalist and economical thinking, and its outer cover is attached to main profile of the frame (jamb), and interior cover could be neglected. In addition to the ability of installation on narrow walls (82-100 mm), they can be installed on any type of wall with different thickness, by using folding corner and gap foam to cover interior seams.

C – frame is the best option for mass housing and industrialization projects and is a substitute for UPVC, aluminum, MDF frames and so on. The formulation of C – frame is like other CDOOR’s frames. C – frame sealing rubbers are similar to classic ones. The opening width with a fraction of 90 mm indicates the door width. The opening height with a fraction of 60 mm indicates the door height.

A special and rare case: to install the C – frame in the middle of corridor, we should execute jamb with 20 mm protrusion and 82 mm width for right, left and top sides, so that C-frame cover sits on jamb, and for interior side, the jamb cover and foam gap should be applied with plaster. In this case, small corners (29 * 29 mm) are used as foam gap cover and seam cover.

  • cover 40*60 mm

    In order to use the cover 40 * 60 mm for C-frame, it is necessary to thin the interior base of cover to enter the seam. .
  • The color of sealing rubber fits the frame

    light beige for white covers and dark brown for dark colors, graphite and black.

Technical plans for C – frame

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