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Product introduction

concealed frame doors (The door frame of the secret)

Frameless doors of C.DOOR’s company with an interior element, are designed creatively upon minimalistic ideas, so that their frame is not visible and does not need to cover with architraves. In this method, the door’s hinge is integrated with the surroundings and create a connection between walls, in facts door hinges is not seen as an additional elements.

The specialness of C.DOOR frameless doors allow continuity and integration in the environment. In this way, interior designers can cover door panels by different colorful and luxury veneers and various wallpapers with surrounding walls.

  • Technical properties

    Just the standard structure (three-sided) can be presented. The coil and frame of doors is placed on the final floor. Undercut of the door (i.e. the distance between the bottom’s edge of door and finished floor is 10 mm. An opening with subframe has the minimum wall thickness equal to 85 mm. An opening without subframe, the minimum wall thickness is 95 mm.
  • Accuracy of execution

    Accuracy in sizes inside the sub frame and installation of its vertical and plumb line, uniformity of the size of diameters inside the sub frame.
  • Execution time

    Finishing flooring and determining the final chrome plating of the wall (final wall covering)
  • Recipe (how to implement)

    Knauf wall/ drywall with one or double gypsum panels in both side and pay attention to the guide indicator on the back of the profile is necessary for accurate installation (in other words, the outer edge of aluminum coil is at the same level with the outside of gypsum panel or wall). It is necessary to pay attention to the guide index behind the profile for accurate installation.

Doors features

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Aluminum profile

Built in aluminum coil (Hidden frame)

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Frame & Door

The way to install door leaf and hidden coil inside the wall opening.

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Install cornice on doors and walls (Optional)

Ability to install cornice on the door and wall at the same time


3d hinges (Adjustable)

3d hinges (Adjustable)

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Exclusive sealing rubber for frameless model.

Exclusive sealing rubber for frameless model.

Doors properties

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