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Hospital doors

General environment, especially hospitals, are is of the roughest environments for doors and frames. Large population, heavy traffic and subsequently continues opening and closing of doors, hitting to doors by various objects such as stretcher or hospital beds, wheelchairs and etc., as well as specific conditions of hospitals and medical clinics in which they should be washed periodically, cause to build special and specialized doors and frames for this buildings. CDOOR is proud to be able to produce hospital doors with special and unique features for these places.

Hospital doors

Hospital doors

  • Reinforcement by installing steel on doors

    To increase the resistance of the hospital doors against hitting by stretchers, wheelchairs and etc., steel is installed on them.
  • 100% waterproof

    In hospitals, excessive use of water and disinfectants due to the existence of bacteria and germs cause cracks, decay and damages to the doors, but CDOOR doors with their 100%waterproof capability, do not decay or damage because of water.
  • Advantages of steel installation

    In order to remove the screws and sharp edges, Steel is installed as a slider, which has a high resistance.
  • Reinforcement of the edge of hospital doors

    the edges of hospital doors are exposed to sever smash and damage, to meet this problem and in order to increase the strength of doors, CDOOR provides the possibility of installing aluminum tape on both side of handle and hinges.
  • Possibility of axial hinge installation (the new generation of conventional inflatable or double hinge)

    Axial hinge is installed inside the heel edge of door and on its symmetrical side on the top of the door, it causes less strain and tension than inflatable(spring) hinges and prevents damages to the doors and frames.
  • Possibility of install functional stuffs

    The company can manufacture hospital doors with HPL coating and aluminum edge tape, with the aim of removing steel and introducing new generation of hospital doors.
  • Customer style

    CDOOR can produce coordinated cover of doors and frames in accordance with customer style and there is the possibility of color choosing from color catalogue of company.
  • Producing hospital doors with HPL cover

    This company produce hospital doors with HPL cover and aluminum edge tape, with the aim of removing steel and introducing new generation of hospital doors.

Doors properties

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For Swinging doors models to protect the vertical edges of the door

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سیستم دود بند پایین لنگه در(گیوتین)

There is two model (built in and surface) for double hinges in order to protect the vertical edges of doors in which the airlock will be placed on the ground when the door pairs are closed.

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Color catalogue

  • D12

  • D15

  • D16

  • D17

  • D21

  • D22

  • D23

  • D27

  • D39

  • T16

  • T53

  • T56

  • T57

  • T58

  • TD40

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