Frameless doors


Product introduction

Line glass doors

In this kind of polywood doors just the thick edge of glass is visible on door and its aim is to display light on the other side of the door. In this type, polywood door are cut by CNC machines and the glass is fixed inside the door. In this model, certain or custom patterns can be used to produce the doors and frames. Privacy with lightning in the room (lights on!) is considered in this kind of doors. In these designs, special elegance and modern or minimalist patterns are remarkable.

Line glass doors

Line glass doors

  • Showing the light in the other side of door

    This model, concerning the preservation of privacy (privatization and safety) and visibility the room, have a look to user place. This means that only the light of other side of the door, not any other things, is recognizable.
  • various covers of doors and frames

    Generally, you can choose your favorite color and cover from all the cover codes in the color catalogue.
  • Delicate placement of line glass horizontally or vertically

    There are both horizontal and vertical line glasses in the standard patterns of company, which are executable according to customer style in different uses..
  • Hiding ability of line glass

    Line glass is somewhat hidden if the gray color spectrum is chosen, and just is detectable at close distance.
  • Installing the new generation of minimal flat hinge

    Minimal flat hinge is more proper than conventional flat hinges, due to the possibility of install with smaller windshield.
  • Possibility of installation on various frames

    By improving doors, it is possible to install these doors on wooden and metal frames.

Doors properties

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