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product introduction

frame glass doors

frame glass doors are those that have one or more glass frame, glass frame profile on both sides of doors is visible. The frames used for glasses are polywood too and also are waterproof.

In some application, such as medical and educational centers, it is necessary that the other side of door can be visible, so that one can see if a person approaches the door, so for this kind of doors clear glass (crystalline glass) is ordered.

Different types of glass frames have been seen in the standard groups of company, and on request, various designs and patterns for mass production and custom mode can be produced.

frame Glass doors

frame Glass doors

  • Possibility of installation on various frames

    By improving doors, it is possible to install these doors on wooden and metal frames.
  • Installing the new generation of minimal flat hinge

    Minimal flat hinge is more proper than conventional flat hinges, due to the possibility of install with smaller windshield.
  • various cover of doors and frames

    Generally, you can choose your favorite color and cover from all the cover codes in the color catalogue.
  • Possibility of axial hinge installation (the new generation of conventional inflatable or double hinge)

    Axial hinge is installed inside the heel edge of door and on its symmetrical side on the top of the door, it causes less strain and tension than inflatable(spring) hinges and prevents damages to the doors and frames.
  • Possibility to order the type of glass

    It is possible to order crystalline, smoked and sandblast glasses.
  • Possibility to implement on hospital doors

    According to available standards, hospital doors have various types of glasses with specific sizes.

Color catalogue

  • D12

  • D15

  • D16

  • D17

  • D21

  • D22

  • D23

  • D27

  • D39

  • T16

  • T53

  • T56

  • T57

  • T58

  • TD40

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