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The products of Polywood or wood Plast have a good engraving ability, due to the properties of this material. And concerning the good resistance of this material, the desired designs and patterns can be engraved on products by CNC machines, so that its resistance is not reduced. The surface of CDOOR Polywood doors and frames have the ability to implement a variety of CNC patterns, due to this property. It should be noted that due to the waterproof nature of Polywood and the integrated construction of this product with engraving on its surface, the waterproof capabilities never disappear. While, in similar products that claim to be waterproof, only their coating is waterproof and by damaging the coating, water will penetrate into it and cause their rottenness and destruction. There is an unlimited range of doors or frames for customers to choose from specific patterns of CNC with various coatings and even without coating with door surface painting. Also, it is worth noting that Polywood doors of CDOOR can be set on any type of frames such as metal and etc., and are not limited to the type of frame.



  • Variety in Color and frame

    Generally, you can choose the color of your door from all available coating codes in quality color.
  • Variety in the type of pattern

    Concerning the capabilities of advanced CNC machines, all the patterns of CNC with high quality are implementable.
  • Ability to execute custom designs

    In addition to standard patterns which are available in company’s archive, it is possible to execute any pattern at the customer’s request, for example you can order your logo or your company logo on your doors.
  • The unique veneer method

    Due to the wrapping method of veneering, the possibility of lifting the veneer in CNC doors is about zero.
  • High resistance and possibility of painting of CNC

    These doors have more resistance, than membrane, in engraving place of CNC, so it is possible to paint the doors in custom cases.
  • possibility of door’s painting

    it is possible to paint the doors in custom cases if none of the quality coatings is chosen.
  • Possibility of installation on different frames

    It is possible to install these doors on wooden or metal frames.

Doors properties

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